Hello New Website


It may have taken ages, but it's finally here. My new website with an e-commerce shop is now live. It means you can browse the whole collection of city prints and order directly from me.

I think there were a number of reasons I have procrastinated over creating a shop. I have been selling through Not on the Highstreet & Etsy since 2014 and the platforms are super easy to use and although they charge a commission they have been fantastic at helping me to build my business from scratch so I got comfortable.

Secondly, the fear of failure is something that holds a lot of people back, I was worried that I would spend ages making my own webshop and no-one would find it!

Thirdly I couldn't choose which platform to build my site on so I put off making the decision time and time again. In the end, I chose Shopify as it allows for lots of product variants and it is really easy to customise if you know a little bit about coding. 

I really couldn't have done it without the help of my Digital Marketing Manager/Head of Coding/General Tech Geek/Husband - Dominik Elmiger. Click here to read his own blog post about how we created a webshop with over 180 products with thousands of product variations in a week using his clever hack.