Studio Tour

Tessa Galloway Illustration HQ has had a bit of a re-shuffle recently and I thought I’d show you a little behind the scenes sneak peek of where I work. I love taking a nosey at other makers/small businesses work spaces.

I am lucky enough to work from home last year we converted our garage into a studio space for me to work in. Alongside various part-time jobs I have also worked from home as my business grew and I really enjoy it, I like the fact that I can work at 11pm if inspiration strikes and work in my fluffy socks if I’m having a slow day.

The lovely Katie from Oh Squirrel got me musing the other day. She wrote about the working from home/having a studio space debate and I think the general rule is do what works for you. Having a studio space is great for structuring your day, having other creatives around you, achieving that work/rest separation which some people struggle with, depending on your business it might not be practical to work from home. Having a home studio is obviously great money-wise, London studio rent can be as much as your flat rent costs. Your working day can be super flexible and it’s risk free if, like me, your small business started as a side-project. Katie highlighted the fact that some people felt they weren’t ‘legit’ businesses until they reached the milestone of having a separate studio space, which is totally understandable but being the risk averse worrier/commitment phobic that I am, I’ve always felt more comfortable not being tied to a studio contract.

So here is my studio space, which I now share with my digital marketing manager/part-time music producer husband Dom since he has started working from home. We each have half the room. At last count he’s managed to squeeze in a full size xylophone, keyboard, vinyl player, mixing desk and several other pieces of musical tech.

It’s super efficient, a place for everything and everything in its place. It is bright and airy & gets the sun all day which I love. (Yes that is a giant roll of bubble wrap attached to the wall. I asked my Dad if he could fashion a giant loo roll holder to attach to the ceiling above my order packing area, he never disappoints!)